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Whoever came up with the phrase "born to rock" wasn't kidding. Sure, it may sound cliched, but then again, so is rock n' roll if you think about it...
Enter Kristy Majors. Back when glam and glitter rock were flexing their collective muscles, Majors entered the world as a screaming brat in the Big Apple, amidst a music scene that would give birth to a host of bands that would become his music raison d'etre, if we may get pretentious on you for a moment.
In the middle of the caterwaul created by bands like the Ramones, Kiss, Blondie, the Plasmatics, Velvet Underground, the New York Dolls and more, young Kristy Majors, (he wasn't known as Kristy Majors back then) was cutting his real teeth while his heroes were cutting their musical ones.
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